Wheel of Fortune Extra Events!
But wait, there’s more!

Hey Audistas!

Wheel of Fortune is upon us, but there’s more! On top of the main event, there 4 bonus events!


Are you the Spinaroonie champion?

Spinaroonie Event Mechanics

  1. Spin to your hearts content!
  2. Player with the most spins at the end of the event on the 12th of September 2019 will be walking away with a set of Permanent Butterfly God & Goddess Set!
Permanent Butterfly God/Goddess Set


Show off your latest spoils to the world!

#ANLWheelOfFortune Event Mechanics

  1. Take a screenshot from HERE.
  2. Post the screenshot on your Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #ANLWheelOfFortune & set your post to public.
  3. We’ll be picking 10 lucky winners for win a Permanent Colorful Love Lolly!
What is love? 😍

Little Fortune

Little Fortune
We’ve got your back!

Little Fortune Event Mechanics

  1. Play a round of Wheel of Fotune.
  2. Get a free 30 Days Black Wings of Love!
Black Wing of Love
I believe I can fly~

The Extreme Fortune

Extreme Fortune
What wonders awaits you in the Wheel of Fortune?

The Extreme Fortune Event Details

  1. Convert in-game Cash from SG Points.
  2. 25% of players who use SG Points to convert will get a Permanent Summer Casual Set!
Its cute ain’t it?

May the odds be forever in your favor!