Hi Audistas,

Time to show how good you are at Audition Next Level! Submit your game play to us now and get a prize! LIMITED PERIOD ONLY!

Date: 15 – 29 March 2019

Elibility: SGMY Players ONLY


  • Take a video (format .mp4) of your character playing ANY KPOP song with ANY MODE in game.
  • The character must not be wearing default avatar.
  • Include the details:
    • Name:
    • IGN:
    • Gender:
    • Caption:
    • Description (optional):
  • And send the video to us via either of these ways:
    • Upload to YouTube/GoogleDrive/Dropbox and send us the link along with details via Facebook Page inbox PM.
    • Send an email with details to: auditionsgmyevents@gmail.com
  • All participants (submission) will receive a prize

Prize: PERMANENT Green Florouscent Avatar Set

Terms and Conditions:

  • The video must be in .mp4 format.
  • The video must be at least 1 Minute long.
  • Video taking with phone or other equivalent will not be accepted. (Video must be taken with Bandicam or any other equivalent)
  • Song selection must be KPOP songs ONLY.
  • The game play can be taken with more than 1 player (FAM vs FAM or Couple Dance etc are acceptable). However, only the one who submit will get the prize.
  • You can submit more than 1 video.
  • Each player can only get the prize once.
  • Audition Next Level has the right to promote or post the video of the game play videos submitted by participants.
  • You agreed the Terms and Conditions by submitting the video to Audition Next Level.
  • Audition Next Level has the right to alter the event without any prior notice.