Hello Audistas!

Happy Women’s Day! Let’s show appreciation to the woman/women you loved by gifting a rose bouquet to them!

Eligibility: ALL Players
Duration: 4 – 8 March 2019 (11:59PM)
Venue: In-game

  1. Gift either ONE of ANY duration from below to any FEMALE character in game. 1 Gift = 1 Entry
    – Sweet Rose Bouquet (Accessory)
    – Deep Rose Bouquet (Accessory)
    – Fire Rose Bouquet (Accessory)
    – Sunny Rose Bouquet (Accessory)
  2. 25% of the total entries will get an EXCLUSIVE PRIZE from us. (The total entries will be randomized)
    E.g.: If there are 100 in total entries, 25 lucky players will receive the prize.

Prize: [90D] Bunch of Flowers

Rules and Regulation:

  1. There is no limit for the entries (players can gift as much as they want. 1 Gift = 1 Entry)
  2. Player must gift to FEMALE CHARACTERS ONLY. (If the receiver is MALE, the entry will not be counted)
  3. Female characters are able to gift to other Female Characters.
  4. The prize can be stacked (a player can win the prize more than once). The more entries you have, the higher chance to win more prize!
  5. The list of winners will be announced within 1 to 7 working days after event.
  6. Prizes will be inserted within 7 to 14 working days after event.
  7. Audition Next Level management has the right to alter the event details.

Show your love to the amazing ones! Happy Women’s Day!