Time to work out! Gather your team members and get ready for this week’s tournament! Login and play to get rewarded!


  • Date: 23 & 24 May 2019
  • Time: 12:00AM – 11:59PM
  • Eligibility: SGMY Players Only


General Mechanics:
1. Participants should log in and log out within the event period.
2. Participants who already completed the round counts should log out at exactly 11:59 PM and log in again the next day at 12:01 AM. (e.g. You log in at exactly 12:01 AM (today) and log out at 12 AM (next day) – This is not counted. AFK after doing the event will not be counted, you should log out at exactly 11:59 PM)
3. AFK during the round is not counted. Your account should gain EXP.

Q: I already completed some of the rounds, can I log out and log in my other account?
A: Yes, you may log out your account and use your other account.

Q: I didn’t do the license for level 6 because I only want the stiffy, will my account be counted on this event?
A: We advise to do your license if you want to join to the event. We have received some reports that didn’t get their rewards because they are not eligible. Do note that your account should gain EXP during the event duration.

Q: I want to AFK after doing the event, will my account be counted on this event?
A: Your account will be noted as one of the eligibles if you log out your account at 11:59 PM.



Day 1 (23 May 2019) Login 30D Avatar
5 Games 90D Avatar
10 Games 365D Avatar
20 Games Permanent Avatar
30 Games Permanent Avatar + Permanent Pocky Stick
Day 2 (24 May 2019) Login 30D Senior Form Style Set
5 Games 90D Senior Form Style Set
10 Games 365D Senior Form Style Set
20 Games Permanent Senior Form Style Set
30 Games Permanent Senior Form Style Set + Permanent Altaire Wings