PlayLounge Account Tagging is now reopen!

  • END DATE: 8 JUNE 2019

If you missed the account tagging period last year. This is the chance for you to TAG your past AuditionSEA Account to your ANL PlayID to get Compensation and Perks!

  • [Coming Soon] EXTRA PERKS to be given out EXCLUSIVELY in the future for players who tagged the account!

SPREAD THE NEWS! Tell your lovely FAM members and friends back in AuditionSEA! Come back and bring the enjoyment to the NEXT LEVEL together!

*Note: Kindly check through the ACCOUNT TAGGING RULES and FAQ before tagging.



  1. The PlayID/ANL ID must already have an existing character in game in order to receive the compensation upon tagging. We will not be resending the compensation after we had processed the batch.
  2. DO NOT change the PlayID’s email after tagging, change of details might affect the result of player getting the compensation. Any not received compensation report will not be entertained.
  3. We are unable to retrieve any AuditionSEA’s ID and PW. You must know your AuditionSEA’s ID and password to tag (not Asiasoft Passport’s ID and PW).
  4. Tagged account will NOT be able to untag (double check your account detail before tagging).
  5. Account tagging is only available with PlayID login.
  6. All tagged account will be eligible for a Permanent Set (Bunny Avatar Set + Audition Icon).
  7. Cash Compensation will only be eligible for players who spent (cash converted into AuditionSEA game) at least or equals to SGD100 in the past 5 years (Aug 2013 – Aug 2018).
  8. Cash compensation and Permanent Set insertion will be taking place batch by batches (monthly).
  9. Please read FAQ to know more about tagging before tag.

HOW TO TAG AuditionSEA account to ANL account

*Kindly read through RULES & FAQ before Tagging*

  1. Login with PlayID into PLAYLOUNGE
  2. Go to “Tag Account” tab in PlayLounge
  3. Click on “TAG an AUSEA Account”
  4. Insert the ID and PW of AuditionSEA.
  5. Press OK to confirm to TAG.



What is this account tagging?
If you are a player back in AuditionSEA, you can login to PlayLounge with your PlayID and fill in the details with your AuditionSEA ID and PW (not Asiasoft Passport) to tag an AuditionSEA account to an ANL account.

Is that means I will be able to migrate all the data of AuditionSEA account to ANL?
No, all the AuditionSEA character data such as levels, remaining cash, experience, couple rings, etc (everything) will NOT be migrating to ANL due to it is two different game server.

Why should I tag?
Account tagging in PlayLounge is exclusively for SGMY/AuditionSEA players only. By tagging, if your account fulfilled all the requirements for cash compensation, you will get ingame ANL cash for your ANL game account (amount of compensation will be depending on tiers), and all tagging accounts will be able to get perks (Exclusive Permanent Set and Audition Logo).

What are the cash compensation amount and tiers?

Compensation Tier SGD Converted on AuditionSEA in the past 5 years ANL ingame Cash Compensation
Tier 1 >SGD 10,000 800,000 + Permanent Set
Tier 2 SGD 9,999 > SGD 5,000 500,000 + Permanent Set
Tier 3 SGD 4,999 > SGD 1,000 200,000 + Permanent Set
Tier 4 SGD 999 > SGD 100 100,000 + Permanent Set
Tier 5 < SGD 100 Permanent Set
Tag Only (=Tier 5) Permanent Set

*Note: Data taken in past 5 years only (Aug 2013 – Aug 2018)

What should I know before tagging?
– Only PlayID login will be able to tag account.
– PlayID is the login ID to ANL account.
– Please remember your AuditionSEA ID and PW before tagging. (Unable to untag if tagged)
– Please make sure there is already an existing character in your ANL account. To create a character in Audition Next Level, download and install the game, login with PlayID, and a website for character creation will be prompted out, create the character and done!
– Tag your account before the due date (8 June 2019).
– Please read through the tag account RULES & FAQ before tagging.

What if I forgot my AuditionSEA ID and PW?
Due to the server and game account management for AuditionSEA has closed in Asiasoft Passport, we are unable to retrieve any forgotten AuditionSEA ID and PW. You need know your exact account before tag.

I have tagged the wrong AuditionSEA account to the ANL account / tagged the AuditionSEA account to the wrong ANL account, can I untag it?
It will NOT be allowed to untag after the AuditionSEA account is being tagged to the ANL account. You will need to know your correct AuditionSEA ID and ANL ID before tagging.

I have done the tagged process. How do I know whether I am eligible for cash compensation and my previous converted amount in AuditionSEA?
It will all be automated and you will not be able to check the exact amount of the converted AuditionSEA ingame cash. However, you can check the Tier of the cash compensation if you are eligible for that from our system. You can check your Compensation Status in the tab from the left of PlayLounge. The latest status of cash compensation and permanent set insert will be updated there.

How long it will take to receive the cash compensation and permanent set?
The tagged accounts will be processed in batches, monthly.

What should I do if I have further questions not listed above?
You can contact us via
Audition Next Level SGMY group



For players who tagged between August 2018 – 30 November 2018, the cash compensation and permanent set has already been inserted directly into account successfully. These are the reasons if the players did not get the cash compensation or permanent set:

  1. The AuditionSEA ID has tagged wrongly to a PlayID. (Please check whether you are login into the same PlayID)
  2. The in game character of the PlayID did not exist before the batch being processed. (The in-game character must be created before tagging)
  3. Does not fulfilled all of the requirements, the account is not eligible for cash compensation. (Please check PlayLounge Compensation Status for the details)
  4. Changed of PlayID email in Playpark after the batch detail has being processed, this was one of the reasons that player did not get the compensation.

If you have any concern / would like to appeal for your case, kindly file an iBox to our Support with details below:

  2. ANL IGN:

Note: Any fraud actions will be considered as violation to Audition Next Level Terms and Conditions and will be resulted in Permanent Account Banning.