I. Game Updates

  • New Avatars on Shopping Mall
  • Light Wings Price Update
  • New Avatars on Couple Shop
Wild Animals Hand Accessory
Wild Cat Hand Accessory
Cat Strike Female Set
Strike Cat Male Set
  • 30% Grand Item Mall Sale
Sample Items with 30% Discount Sale Tag Price
  • Audition Christmas Extreme Town

II. Bugs

  • Mascot Gifts – This concern is already forwarded to the relevant department. We will be posting an update once the bug is already fixed. For the mean time, kindly file a ticket on iBox in able to get the missing items came from Mascot Gifts. Make sure to take a screenshot once you got an item from your adorable Mascot.

III. Events and Promos

  • EXP Boost is up until 19th December 2019.

IV. Awarding Updates

  • Still on process: Wedding Day (8th December 2019), Audiversary Login (3rd-30th November 2019, ANL 13th Milestone (1st-30th November 2019)
  • Others that are not on the above list are already inserted. If you still have not received your prizes/rewards, kindly file a ticket on iBox for further checking. https://www.playpark.com/en-sg/help/ibox/

Happy dancing, Audista’s!