Clubbers and Audistas,

Kindly take note that the game service will be down on the 26th December from 6AM-onwards for a server maintenance. For more details about the patch update, check out the details below.

I. Game Updates

New Avatar Items

New Functional Avatars and Pet

Functional Avatars Additional Expressions

New Couple License

New Songs

Christmas Tree Event

  • This is an event that will give rewards for those players who can complete the Christmas Tree Decoration Event within the event duration.
  • The chance of the decorations will be based by the number of players in the game room. There is also a possibility to get nothing. Kindly check below the required players for each decorations.
  • After collecting all decorations, you are now eligible to get the rewards! You may receive it at your character’s gift box right away.
    • (3) 7 Days Exchange Coupon
    • (2) 30% Discount Coupon
    • 30 Days Cute Rudolph Bear Pet

II. Recent Bugs and Fixes

  • Mascot Gifts Received [FIXED]
  • Bleh! Sneaky Face Code Error [FIXED]
  • Bleh! Sly Face CodeError [FIXED]
  • Can’t use Sprout Spring Interior/DJ [FIXED]
  • Help us make Audition Next Level a better place by reporting bugs and issues at

III. Events and Promos

  • Rewards for the following events are still on process:
    • 12.12 Grand Christmas Sale
    • November Audiversary Login Event
    • December 8, 2019 Wedding Day Event
    • Lords & Queens of Audition
    • ANL Singapore FOTY and COTY Tournament Winners
    • ANL 13th Milestone Event
      • Our Team would like to apologize for the delay. We want all to know that we are doing our best to expedite the process. Once inserted, updates will be posted on our Website and Facebook Pages.
      • For unclaimed rewards, you may contact our Game Support at
  • On-going Events and Promos

Happy dancing, Clubbers and Audistas!