Eligibility: All Audition Players

Duration: 27 October to 4 November ; 5PM ~ 6PM (GMT +8)


  • GM will announce the event in-game. GM will randomly create room in any channel in the game during the event period. GM will not be necessary to announce his whereabouts.
  • When creating the room, lock the room, leave a slot opened in the room. When the round starts, unlock the room, the first player who enters the room and type “Trick or Treat” as the first sentence will win a prize.
  • If the player failed to say “Trick or Treat” as the first sentence, the player will not be eligible for the prize. GM will start another round by randomly creating another room again in any channel. For example, the player’s first sentence typed is ‘Hello GM’, the player considered failed the criteria and will not be entitled to win the prize.
  • Players may only win once per event.
  • Disconnection (ALT F4/Manual DC/Internet Issues) will lead to the disqualification.
  • Participants must follow the rules set forth by the GM Facilitator.
  • The decisions of the GM Facilitators and officials are FINAL.


Prize: 30D Medieval Set