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Eligibility and Requirements

  • This event is available to all Audition Next Level players.
  • ALL FAM Members should be level 10 and above.
  • Recruit new members to your FAM from October 3, 2018 6PM to November 3, 2018 11:59PM.



  • FAM with the most number of active members after the cut off date wins.
  • In case of a tie, character level of all members (level points) will be tallied and the FAM with the highest level points will win.


FAM A: Member 1 = level 10, Member 2 = level 20, Member 3 = level 30 ~ 10+20+30=60 level points.

FAM B: Member 1 = level 11, Member 2 = level 20, Member 3 = level 35 ~ 10+20+30=66 level points.

Winner will be FAM B.


  • Fam Masters should email their entry to anlfamrallys2@gmail.com with the subject: ANL_FAMRallyS2_FAMName. (e.g. ANL_FAMRally_AudiNxtLvl).
  • The last date for submission of entries for FAM Rally event is November 3, 2018
  • If your FAM have the version 2, please put it on the template.
  • You can download the template here: http://bit.ly/FAMRallyTemplate




Sample Template


  • If your FAM doesn’t have version 2, just put version 1. 
  • FAM version 2 should be named after the main FAM (e.g. Main FAM=AudiNxtLvl, Version 2 FAM=AudiNxtLvl2 AudiNextLvl_2 AudiNxtLvl_v2)


NOTE: Members should be on the FAM.




  • 15,000 EB Package + 15,000 Playpark Load