1. What is “Audition Next Level”?

  • Audition Next Level is a newer and updated version of the favorite dance rhythm game Audition. Game includes more engaging features, cool new items, new anti-hacking and anti-DDoS security. Above all, you can also login via Facebook or Playpark ID!


2. I have an AuditionSEA (Asiasoft Passport) account, can I use the account to this new “Audition Next Level”?

  • No, AuditionSEA game account cannot be used in Audition Next Level as it is a separate service on different platform.


3. How should we login into game? What account to use?

  • There are two ways you can play in the new Audition Next Level. They are as follows:
    * Facebook Login – Simply allow the Playpark Authentication app on your fb account.
    * Playpark ID – For the guide how to create an account, check this link: http://audition.playpark.com/en-sg/how-to-register/


4. If I have AuditionSEA client, do I have to download Audition Next Level again?

  • Yes, you will need to download the client again as it is different platform.
  • Download from HERE



5. What will happen to my AuditionSEA account? Can I migrate my level or avatars to Audition Next Level?

  • No, AuditionSEA game account (includes level, avatars, experiences, etc.) cannot be migrated over to Audition Next Level as it is a separate service on different platform. You can tag your AuditionSEA game account to an Audition Next Level game account via PLAYLOUNGE to gain migrated users perks (permanent set and items).
  • On top of that, cash spenders of different tier will also be eligible for compensation on Audition Next Level in Audition Cash upon successful account tagging.
  • TAG your account HERE before 30 November 2018.
Tagged account will be eligible for these permanent items and set as rewards:

MALE: Blue Bunny Hop x Blue Ice Cream Stick x Sweet Tooth Blue Panda x Audition Logo

FEMALE: Pink Bunny Hop x Pink Ice Cream Stick x Sweet Tooth Pink Panda x Audition Logo



6. How do I tag an AuditionSEA account to Audition Next Level account?

  • I. You can tag the account at PLAYLOUNGE.
    II. Login to PLAYLOUNGE with PlayID, if you don’t have a PlayID, sign up here.
    III. After login to PLAYLOUNGE, on the left menu, click on “Tag Account”.
    IV. Simply input your AuditionSEA’s Game ID and that’s it!
  • Note: To create a character in Audition Next Level, download and install the game, login with PlayID,
    and a website for character creation will be prompted out, create the character and done!
  • You can also check your compensation status in the PlayLounge.


7. I have an existing Playpark ID, can I use the account for Audition Next Level?

  • Yes, simply login with your existing Playpark ID into the game and you will be prompted out to browser for character creation.



8. Where and how we can top up to Audition Next Level?

  • Check here for Top Up Guide
  • Please note, the points you topped up in Playmall has 365days of expiry date,however, the points converted into game has no expiry date. So, please make sure to use it before it expires.
    Playmall = 365 days
    In-Game = No Expiry Date



9. When we get the compensation from tagging the AuditionSEA account in PlayLounge?

  • The compensation will be credited directly to players’ game account in batches monthly. We will announce when it is being credited successfully to all players’ game account.



10. Is my AuditionSEA account’s level remain the same or need to start over?

  • All accounts will be new and starting over from Level 1.



11. How about my Ranking or FAM or Couple Garden or Couple related items?

  • All accounts will be new and starting over from 0.



12. How about my Story Mode?

  • The story mode is also reset. Starting from E1 to E2.



13. I am not from Philippines/ Singapore/ Malaysia/ Thailand. Am I able to login to Audition Next Level?

  • Audition Next Level has IP ban on some regions except for the 4 countries mentioned above.



14. Why it is invalid when using the mobile number as PlayID to login? I am also sure that is my mobile number.

  • For you will be able to login correctly using your number, you should enter your country code as well.


Important Links


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Run as Admin your patch/launcher.

Xigncode Issues

0xE0010003 error occurrences

  • This error code occurs due to insufficient system resources. Please relaunch the game after checking disk volume and clean up.

0xE0010001~0xE0010007 error occurrences

  • This error code occurs due to an internal problem from XIGNCODE.

0xE0190101~0xE0190109 error occurrences

  • This error code occurs when XIGNCODE files are damaged.

0xE0190201~0xE0190214 error occurrences

  • This error code occurs from another program altering XIGNCODE activity, internal function problems, or malicious activity unrelated to the game.

0xE0190301~0xE0190312 error occurrences

  • This error code occurs in cases of XIGNCODE malfunctioning.

0xE0190401~0xE019040A error occurrences

  • This error code occurs in cases of XIGNCODE malfunctioning..

0xE0191001 error occurrences

  • This error code occurs in cases of your OS (operating system) cannot be compatible with XIGNCODE activity.

0xE0191002 error occurrences

  • This error code occurs when XIGNCODE cannot process simultaneously with another unknown program. Please check if program such as nProtect’s GameGuard and AhnLab’s HackShield are operating and proceed to turn them off before game launch to solve this error.

0xE0191003 error occurrences

  • This error code occurs during virtual environment game play.

0xE0191004 error occurrences

  • This error code occurs from Windows 95, 98, ME compatibility mode

0xE0191005 error occurrences

  • This error code occurs from game client duplicate launches

0xE0191006 error occurrences

  • This error code occurs when the XIGNCODE process has an issue during the initial launching stage.

0xE0191007 error occurrences

  • This error code occurs when an irregular game client is launched.

0xE0191008 error occurrences

  • This error code occurs when the XIGNCODE process has an issue during the initial launching stage.

0xE0191009 error occurrences

  • This error code occurs when XIGNCODE has an issue during the update process.

0xE019100A error occurrences

  • This error code occurs when another client is updating during game client duplicate launch.

0xE019100B error occurrences

  • This error code occurs from detection of program usage irrelevant to the game.

0xE019100C error occurrences

  • The PC you are currently using has been blocked due to previous hack tool usage.