SGNUMBA1 – From Left to Right: Divakaran “FakeTaxi” S/O Chandra Chagara, Patrick “WANGG” Ang Zhen Wang, Tin “Remy” Wei Chen

As the Audition SEA Championship (ASEAC) 2019 draws closer, we’ll be taking a closer look into the lives of our Singapore representatives who will be fighting for National Glory in the Philippines late August.

Not my first Rodeo
Meet Patrick “WANGG” Ang Zhen Wang. Together with his teammates Tin “Remy” Wei Chen and Divakaran “FakeTaxi” S/O Chandra Chagara, they are SGNUMBA1 the team representative for Singapore in the ASEAC 2019. This is not WANGG’s first time participating in ASEAC. Last year, he was both the Individual representative as well as part of the Singapore team.

On behalf of my team, we are definitely honoured to be representing Singapore yet again in the Philippines for ASEAC 2019. It feels good knowing that our hard work, blood, sweat and tears have paid off and have been recognized.

WANGG also shed some light on his life and his busy schedule. Being able to do well in esports despite that was definitely no small feat.

Much of my time this year was spent focusing on my studies and also my part-time job. I did not have much time for training.

Advice for Aylze
WANGG did have some advice for Aylze, who’s a first-timer in this competition. Despite losing his spot to her, he believes in her ability and even had some advice for her.

I have witnessed how hard Aylze have trained for the competition and I believe she will do Singapore proud in representing Singapore in the individual Category for ASEAC 2019. My advice to Aylze is to have fun and not focus too much on winning as it will only add pressure and affect her performance.

Audition since 12
WANGG started playing Audition in a cybercafe near his house. It was his friend who introduced him to Audition in that cybercafe. Little did he know that it would continue to be a part of his life for this long.

Honestly, I did not expect myself to be playing Audition for so long and part of the reason why I remained an Active Player was because of the good friends that I have made in the game and also how the game is able to provide a platform for me to distress myself whilst juggling with studies and also work commitments.

WANGG started playing competitively with zero expectations and did it because of the friends he made along the way.

The number one reason why I decided to go competitive was because of the friends that I have made throughout the years and some of them became my really close friends over the years.

Honestly, the start of my competitive journey I did not had any goals or thought of myself as having the potential as I only wanted to enjoy while competing with other pros.

However, along the way through my experience from lots of competitions held in Singapore, I realized that I have the potential to go competitive in Audition and that was why I decided to go competitive.

Intense training on the way
The team has been training for quite some time along with Aylze, keeping their mechanics in tip top condition.

However, we will be training really hard once the mechanics are out and we are excited to see what Philippines have in store for us.

My confidence rating would be a 3. I believe it is important to strike a balance between confidence as over-confidence and under confidence may lead to lack of concentration or negligence.

When asked if WANGG had anything to say to the people who have been supporting thus far, he has this to say:

My team and I would like to express our thanks to those who have been supporting us thus far especially since we are living in different part of the world. We are extremely honoured and are as excited as you and cannot wait to see all of you in the Philippines in August.

You can find WANGG on his Instagram and his Facebook: Patrick Ang.