As the Audition SEA Championship (ASEAC) 2019 draws closer, we’ll be taking a closer look into the lives of our Singapore representatives who will be fighting for National Glory in the Philippines late August.

Excited to Represent
Meet Shen “Aylze” Limin Jasmine, the Singapore representative for Individual competition at the ASEAC 2019. She loves playing Crazy Choregraphy-4 and Couple Dance. This is Aylze’s first time representing Singapore in the ASEAC and she couldn’t be more excited for it.

I feel excited and honor to represent Singapore and be able to compete with strong players from other countries. I’m looking forward to visit Philippines!

Started from Primary Five
Aylze started playing Audition when she was in Primary School.

It was introduced by my classmate when I was P5 and it was the music and gaming mechanics that caught my attention!

However, it was the competitive scene and the community that got her hooked to Audition.

I got to make a few good friends from Audition and they asked me to join them as a team for FOTY in 2010. Since then, I enjoyed competing against strong players.

Training Hard
With the competition is around a month away. Aylze has been training hard for it. In fact, she’s rather confident on winning.

3/5 in winning the competition, but 5/5 in myself. I have confidence in myself in my style of playing and I acknowledge the skill of the other players. But ultimately, it doesn’t matter if I win or lose. It’s the enjoyment of the competition that matters.

Aylze also trains with the Singapore Team representatives as well where possible in order to improve together.

All three of them are very strong players individually and at the same time, they have great teamwork! Looking forward to seeing them take the championship this year. Fighting!!

Lots of Gratitude
Thank you to all those who are supporting me! Especially my girlfriend who has been through with me all these years. I will do my very best and make you guys proud!

You can find and support Aylze on her Instagram and her Facebook: Jasmine Jslm