Servers’ up! We’ll see you strutting your moves in-game. here’s some of the update for today’s maintenance.

  • Config.ini Option
    • WINMODE=0 <– This is standard from Audition to Toggle Windows Mode & Full Screen
    • ALTFULL=1 <– This will enable/disable the toggle of Alt+Enter feature. (1 = You can use the Alt+Enter feature. 0 = Alt+Enter feature is disabled).
    • VSYNCOFF=1 <– This will enable/disable forcing Vertical Sync to be off (1 = Vertical Sync will be forced off. 0 = Vertical Sync will be based on the Graphic’s card settings).
      • FAQ
        • Where can I see the Config.ini option?
          • Right click your Audition Next Level client patcher > Open file location > Open Config.ini
  • Limited Items ( Available until May 30, 2019, 7:59 AM)