Hey Audistas!

It has been a long time since our last community event. This time, let us present to you the Audistas version of Amazing Race organizing by our amazing community for our amazing community!


Event date: November 25, 2018 (Sunday)
9:00PM – 12:00AM (GMT +8)
– Top 6 Finishers (Permanent Ginchu Wings)
– Complete racers (30D Ginchu Wings)



Players will have to complete the race by clearing missions given to them by Moderators. Upon clearing the mission, players will receive the password for the next room. This process will continue until the Player reaches the Final room whereas it will mean completion.

  1. Starting point: SGMY Channel 4 Lobby. When the event starts at 9:00PM, be ready in the lobby to receive set of instructions and HINT from our moderator.
  2. Starting point hint is the 1st set of password of the Room 1. Player will now have to find room#1 [mission#1] in one of the channels located in the SGMY server and upon entering the room using the password, players will be given another set of instructions to clear another quest.
  3. Upon completing the ‘quest’, the player will receive the password for room#2 [mission#2], players will now have to find room#2 and enter to receive next instructions to find password for room#3 (and so on for the rest of the rooms [missions]).
  4. Player will then need to answer the question posed in the Final Room and then locate the Finisher Room.
  5. Upon entering the finishing room, the player completes the Race.
  6. Note that:
    • Location of the rooms for different mission will not be announced, rooms will be located around SGMY channels of Room Masters’ [Moderators] choice, players will need to find out the room location and enter the password to enter.
    • There are 6 missions (rooms) in total and the finishing point [finisher room] will be changing from one location to another location whenever there is a winner in the game.
    • Must complete the race accordingly, skipping the rooms and directly go to finisher room will not be counted. (IGN of players will be recorded down in every rooms as progress check-point, so please don’t try to cheat)
  7. First 6 winners who finish the amazing race will be entitled to win prize.
  8. Game will continue until 12:00AM, players who complete the race will also get consolation prize.



Rules and Regulations:

  1. Players must complete the race accordingly in order to be eligible for the prize.
  2. Process of the event will be recorded down (screenshots and videos) by moderators and officials.
  3. Event masters (moderators and GMs) have the full authority to pause/stop/disqualify a player from continuing from the game for violating the rules and regulations.
  4. Players will be DISQUALIFIED and BARRED from game for being abusive, performing vulgarism or any form of bad actions.
  5. 3rd party tools, software, hacks or other extensions that is determined illegal under ANL’s abuse policy is strictly NOT allowed.
  6. If suspected of cheating, video recording will be reviewed to see if a player cleared every room before entering the Finisher Room.
  7. Abusing bugs / glitches / using an unknown method through illegal means that may give a player even the slightest advantage in the event is NOT allowed.
  8. Decisions and calls made by the Event Masters (Moderators and GMs) is FINAL. Players can make an appeal, but until the appeal has been reviewed and approved, the Event Master’s decision stays.
  9. Publicly sharing of Room passwords is NOT allowed. Player who does this will be removed and disqualified from the event. They may be banned from future MOD events as well
  10. Prizes will be credited within 7 to 14 days after the event.
  11. Going against ANL’s Abuse Policy is in general not allowed.


Let us know you will be coming to our event! Just tell us your IGN here:
Early Registration


Special thanks to our Moderators from SGMY and PH Moderators as helpers for organizing this community event!