The 12 Labours of Audistas contest begins now.

Do you have what it takes to beat our challenges?

Here’s your chance to prove yourselves!


Event Details


  • Eligibility: SGMY Players ONLY
  • Event Date: Starts from 8 May 2019
  • Event Time: 6:00PM to 5:59PM Next Day




  • 12 different ANL challenges will be announced everyday for 12 days on Official Facebook Playpark Audition SGMY.
  • Screenshot your successful challenge, and post it as comment under the daily challenge FB post respectively.
  • We will pick at least 2 Lucky Challengers each day to receive Daily Challenge Prize.
  • You will stand a chance to WIN ULTIMATE PRIZES if ALL 12-DAYS of the challenges are completed. (Lucky winner will be picked after the event ends)
  • The challenge of the day must be accomplished and posted within the same day under the post.




  • Daily prizewill announce together with the challenge
  • Ultimate prize (Complete all 12 days Challenge) – Lucky winners will be pick after this event ends
    Permanent HoneyBunny Back Accessory
    – Permanent String Couple Set
    – 5 Pcs Fashion Box



Rules and Regulation:


  1. Each player can only post the successful challenge once with a Facebook account.
  2. Edited comment is not allowed. Kindly delete the original post and re post the new one if necessary.
  3. Screenshot posted after the stated time will not be accepted.
  4. Audition Next Level Admins has the final decisions.