Still single? Let’s have an Audistas Matchmaking!

  • Eligibility: SGMY Players Only
  • Venue: SGMY Channel 11
  • Duration: November 11, 2018, Sunday; 8PM ~ 9PM (GMT +8)


  • During the event period, GM will online and enter SGMY Channel 11.
  • GM will randomly pick winners who fulfilled one of the criterias:
    1. Chat via Bulletin in SGMY Channel 11 (Higher chance to be picked as winner)
    2. Chatting in the lobby of SGMY Channel 11
    3. Create room with word “11.11” as title in any form of sentence in SGMY Channel 11.
  • Winner will be entitled to win a 30D Butterfly DJ.
  • Players may only win once per event.
  • Participants must follow the rules set forth by the GM Facilitator.
  • Prize will be credited within 7 to 14 working days after event.
  • The decisions of the GM Facilitators and officials are FINAL.

If you don’t want to be alone on Christmas Day this year, this is the chance for you to GET OUT THERE AND MAKE FRIENDS!
Good luck, Singles!