Women in charge, she leads the march! 💃

Be fierce, be empowered! 💪 You’re a gem with Patch 129: Feisty Femmes~ 💋💁

I. Game Updates

New Songs

93T-ARA, DavichiWe Were In Love
100Park Jin YoungKiss
100YOASOBIMou Sukoshi Dake (Just a Little More)
103WestlifeI Lay My Love on You
103Wonder GirlsThis Fool
110Xiao Lan Bei XinMu Ji Jie Shi Ni
118Zack TabudloHabang Buhay
137PDL, Skusta Clee, Jnske, Bullet D, Yuri Dope & Flow-GPauwi Nako
156Destiny RogersTomboy
174F.I.R.Yue Ya Wan (Crescent Bay)
174LeeSSangCan’t Breakup Girl, Can’t Breakaway Boy (feat. Jung In)

New BGM Master Songs

70Eric ChouRu Guo Yu Zhi Hou (The Chaos After You)
73Kan Jong WookStorm (Feat. Carlos from Uptown) (Easy)
84The ScriptSuperheroes (Easy)
85Brian Joo24
87Hu Rui & Jiang Kai WenI Miss You So Much
89.5LiSAcrossing field (Easy)
92AuditionGloomy March
92Ann ThitimaMy Love is You
92HA SUNG WOONI Fall In Love
96Jay ParkALL I WANNA DO (Feat. Hoody, Loco) (Easy)
97Lee HyoriHey Girl
100MatthaiosVibe With Me (feat. Lonezo)
101Park Ji YoonSteal Away
102Pop GirlsMy Love
104AuditionB SoulFunk
104AuditionLike U
105Seo Ji YoungStay In Me
105Silence Wang ft. By2You Dian Tian (A Little Sweet)
106HELLOVENUSWould You Stay For Tea?
108G-IdeaSummer Crush Dance (feat. Shin Bo Kyung)
109SE7ENBaby I Like You
110Puff DaddyI’ll Be Missing You
112Namolla FamilyIt’s Never Too Late
115AuditionTogether Forever
115Kim Jong MinPit-a-Pat (feat. Gilmi)
116Wang Lee HomHeart Beat
117Nico Nico UtaitesShinsyun Motivation
118AuditionSwan Lake
118T-araDAY BY DAY
120AuditionI Don’t Know
120AuditionAlways Remember
120AuditionHave a Nice day
120Ko Doo RimIce Cream (Feat. Banji)
122Ariana GrandeNo Tears Left To Cry
124CoolOne Summer Drive
125Sexbomb GirlsBakit Papa?
125BTSPermission to Dance
126Eason ShenYu (Rain)
127Third KAMIKAZETee Ra Teuk (Reminder)
127The WantedGlad You Came
128Laidback Luke & Marc BenjaminWe’re Forever (Original Mix)
128BLACKPINKLovesick Girls
128ZE:A x FIVEThe Day We Broke Up
130Pop GirlsSige Sayaw
130HarmsTell Me (feat. Moodie)
130TEEN TOPBe Ma Girl
131Lady GagaJudas
132Lee Jung HyunGoing Crazy
132Rio VegasRio Vegas (Radio Edit) (feat. Sapir Asy)
133Sexbomb GirlsThe Spageti Song (feat. Joey De Leon)
135Dean MartinLet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
137A SiRe Ai 105*C De Ni (Love You at 105*C) (Remix)
140AuditionDriving At Night
140BEASTThough I Call You
140Aoyama ThelmaWITHOUT U feat. 4Minute (English Ver.)
140JCShuo San Jiu San (It’s Been Apart)
140TEEN TOPCrazy
140WheesungPretty Lady
140Song Meng JunShi Mian De Ye (Sleepless Night) (DJ Remix)
141Jeon Ji-yoonBetween Love and Friendship
142Audition3254 Techno Party
145JJ LinBu Wei Shui Er Zuo De Ge (Twilight)
147Jung Yong HwaYou’ve Fallen For Me
148Eric ChouWo Hen Kuai Le (I’m Happy)
150Ella ChenZhong Yu Ai (Finally In Love)
150HYOLYNStalker (Feat. Mad Clown)
150Louis TomlinsonBack to You(feat. Bebe Rexha & Digital Farm Animals)
153NightwishShe Is My Sin
155Mighty MouthEnergy (feat. Sun Ye of Wonder Girls)
156SNSDOoh La-La!
160SE7ENOne More Time
160TraxOh! My Goddess
160Eric ChouNi Hao Bu Hao? (How Have You Been?) (Hard)
160K. GardenBombay
162Ayumi HamasakiSunrise~LOVE is ALL~
164Leona LewisBetter In Time (Hard)
164Jing LongBu Shan (Don’t Delete)
164WeeeklyAfter School
164YOASOBIAnkoru (Encore)
167The ScriptSuperheroes (Hard)
180CHEN, PunchEverytime (Hard)
188JewelryLove Story (Hard)
192Jay ParkALL I WANNA DO (Feat. Hoody, Loco) (Hard)
216ZICOAny song (Hard)
234Clean BanditBaby (feat. Marina & Luis Fonsi) (Hard)

New Avatar Items

Back Accessory



February Top 1 and 2 Spenders Curse

Due to item conflictions, the top 3, 4, and 5 Spenders Curse will not be added on the 1st Update of March. But worry not! It will be indeed revamped on the 2nd Update of March.

II. Events and Promotions

Keep on dancing

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AudiFamKada, after how many years finally we are going to see each other!
Audition Next Level and Club Audition M’s first on-ground event will be happening in DAVAO on March 19, 2022, for the 85th Araw ng Davao Summer Dance-off with VJ Enzy.

Get to bond with your friends safely and join thrilling tournaments!


  • NCGC Esports – Obrero
  • 263 Iñigo St, Obrero, Davao City, Davao del Sur
No photo description available.


Tournament Eligibility and Registration

  1. The event is only open to players residing in Davao and neighboring towns. Only vaccinated players are allowed to participate in the event area. (1st and 2nd dose)
  2. Vaccination/Vax Card and 1 valid ID must be presented upon confirmation of tournament registration at the event area.
  3. A maximum of 36 players will be allowed to participate in Individual, while a maximum of 8 teams (3 players each team) will participate in the Team tournament.
  4. Slots will be filled thru ONLINE REGISTRATION until March 13, 2022 at 11:59 PM (GMT +8). The tournament bracket will be released on/or before March 17, 2022. Registration link here: https://forms.gle/7Gu7hp8DMjNTM9Jt7
  5. Players can choose or join both Individual and Team Category Tournament.
  6. Players who are not present and/or cannot register during the given time will be disqualified. 
  7. Bring their own “Alcohol” and “wear face mask” for their personal sanitation.
  8. Strict compliance of the “headphones off’ and “hands-off keyboards” policy before and after each song.

Initial Schedule (GMT +8)

  • 9 AM – 9:30 AM: Check-in time.
  • 10 AM – 12 PM: Individual Category (Elims, Semis and Finals)
  • 12:01 PM – 12:30 PM: Break
  • 12:31 PM – 1:30 PM: Team Category (Elims, Semis and Finals)
    • Please note that this schedule is subject to change.

COVID Precautions

  1. Safe distancing & temperature taking will be conducted before the event. Players who are not feeling well will not be allowed to compete in this tournament. Players should adhere to the 1-meter safe distancing measures and not interact with one another physically.
  2. The overall scope of this event will be conducted online via Audition Next Level Official Facebook Page.
  3. The areas which the players use will be disinfected thoroughly before the next person uses.
  4. Safe Distancing Ambassador will be deployed, and group size should not exceed 8 people.


  1. If the player changes their IGN during the tournament period.
  2. If a player or team members fail to check in for their scheduled match.
  3. Any intentional disconnection will lead to disqualification. The player or whole team will be disqualified from that match. The game will only have a re-match if there is a server, pc, or game issue.
  4. Players caught using Third Party Programs or tampering with any Audition Next Level files will lead to disqualification and account suspension. They also cannot join any Audition Next Level online and on-ground tournaments again. 
  5. PlayPark Inc. has the right to hold and not give all disqualified teams/individuals prizes.
  6. PlayPark Inc. and/or officials of this tournament shall reserve the right to suspend, ban, and/or punish a player or fam without prior notice for any violation as they deem necessary.

Tournament Summary

  1. There will be three (3) significant rounds, The Eliminations, Semi-Finals & Finals.
  2. Players/Teams will play an elimination round (This will be one round only).
  3. Semi-Finals will be ONE ROUND ONLY. The Top 2 players/teams with the highest scores will advance to the FINAL ROUND.
  4. The final Round for Individual Category will be THREE ROUNDS. The best player with the highest scores after adding the 3 rounds will be declared a CHAMPION.
  5. The final Round for Team Category will be the BEST OF THREE. The team with the most wins will be declared as CHAMPIONS.

Tournament Rules

  1. For the safety of everyone & to keep aligned with the COVID-19 precautions, do not mingle with others.
  2. Do not leave your allocated seat to walk around the premises.
  3. Players will not use their personal devices such as a keyboard/mouse/headset during the tournament. All players must use the allocated PC and the provided gears.
  4. All players will use the default PC specifications.
  5. Technical issues encountered during the event will be assessed by the Facilitator/Moderator. Only major technical problems will merit game suspension and/or restart at the discretion of the Facilitator/Moderator.
  6. Players who argue with or fail to follow the instructions of the tournament facilitators/moderator are subject to the appropriate penalties as dictated by the severity of the case.
  7. Players are expected to behave in a respectful and sportsmanlike manner at all times. Teams/members of the team exhibiting unruly conduct will be disqualified handing the opposing team the match.
  8. There will be no warm-ups throughout the tournament except during Finals.
  9. Our Event Marshals have the full authority to issue a warning or disqualify any players caught breaching any of the stated rules above.

Tournament Mechanics

Individual Category

GameModeSongPresence of ChanceMapInsaneVictory ConditionBanned Items
EliminationsSync-8Random – Moderators Song PollReverse Chance OffHip Hop StreetOffTop 1 and 2
1 Round
SemisCrazy Choreography 8Random – Moderators Song PollReverse Chance OffHip Hop StreetOffTop 1 and 2
1 Round
FinalsCrazy Choreography 8Random – Moderators Song PollReverse Chance OffHip Hop StreetOffTop 1
Total score – 3 Rounds

Song List – Individual Category

BPMSong NameSinger
160MariaKim Ah Joong
139My Heart is Beating (Radio Edit)Samurai presents Golden Mind
135Be My LoverLa Bouche
132PatchaMocha Girls
130Halukay UbeSexbomb Girls
126Loving You Is EasyUnion J
125PlutoJannine Weigel
120Always OnlineJJ Lin
80Kabet (feat. Mz. Kyla)Gagong Rapper

Team Category

GameModeSongPresence of ChanceMapInsaneVictory ConditionBanned Items
EliminationsNormal Team – Sync 8Random – Moderators Song PollReverse Chance OffHip Hop StreetOffTop 1
1 Round
SemisNormal Team – Crazy Choreography 8Random – Moderators Song PollReverse Chance OffHip Hop StreetOffTop 1
1 Round
FinalsNormal Team – Crazy Choreography 8Random – Moderators Song PollReverse Chance OffHip Hop StreetOffTop 1
Best of 3

Song List – Team Category

BPMSong NameSinger
188LovelyKim Jong Kook
133The Spageti Song (feat. Joey de Leon)Sexbomb Girls
98The KillaJJ Lin
120Say It AgainAJ Mitchell
158Lover Like MeCL
128Hey UChakra
1551 Minute, 1 Second (feat. Taru)EPIK HIGH
128HurricaneMyon & Shane 54 Classic Mix feat. Amy Pearson

Tournament Prizes

Individual Category

Champion300,000 In-game cash
3,000 Pesos

Indefinite Brown Dragon Slayer Set
Indefinite ANL Trophy
Indefinite Grand Master Mark
Indefinite Shield Landing Motion
365 Days DJ Love Studio

ANL Shirt
ANL Keycap
Event Certificate
1st Runner Up150,000 In-game cash
1,500 Pesos

Indefinite ANL Trophy
90 Days Brown Dragon Slayer Set
90 Days Grand Master Mark
90 Days Shield Landing Motion
365 Days DJ Love Studio

ANL Shirt
ANL Keycap
Event Certificate
Best ChainerIndefinite Fairy Champion Set
Event Certificate
All Participants90 Days Josh Kalis Set

Team Category

Champion300,000 In-game cash
3,000 Pesos

Indefinite Blumarine Set
Indefinite ANL Trophy
Indefinite Grand Master Mark
Indefinite Shield Landing Motion
365 Days DJ Love Studio

ANL Shirt
ANL Keycap
Event Certificate
1st Runner Up150,000 In-game cash
1,500 Pesos

Indefinite ANL Trophy
90 Days Blumarine Set
90 Days Grand Master Mark
90 Days Shield Landing Motion
365 Days DJ Love Studio

ANL Shirt
ANL Keycap
Event Certificate
Best Chainer (1 player)Indefinite Fairy Champion Set
Event Certificate
All Participants90 Days Josh Kalis Set
  • Prizes will be awarded 4 weeks after each event.
  • Prizes not claimed within 60 days will be forfeited.
  • Prizes will only be awarded to the registered account of each player.


For comments and suggestions with regards to the event, you may contact Moderator Alyx at Audition Next Level Moderators’ Page.


  • Valid for Davao and neighboring towns only. A false claim may result in Account Suspension as indicated in our Audition Next Level Game Policy.
  • All-Tournament Participants will automatically be credited the Door Prize if they participate in tournament day itself.
  • Door Prizes will be provided onsite.
  • The rewards do not require the character to have a couple in-game to wear.
  • This event is subject to change without prior notice.
  • Indefinite Black Cat Set
  • Indefinite Naughty Set
  • Indefinite Grumpy Cat
  • Indefinite White ANL Gamepad
  • 90 Days DJ Kuromi
  • 90 Days Aleusha Snow Pet


  • The first 30 players at the venue will get a food stub from Harley’s Burger and Shakes that will be delivered at the venue.
  • The line will start at 9 AM (GMT +8).
  • There will be no line if the facilitator is not yet at the venue at 9 AM (GMT +8).
  • Social distancing is required.
May be an image of burger and text that says 'Harley's 2020 BURGERS AND SHAHES hefty burgers milkshakes milksh snacks pasta milk tea rice bowls coffee'


  • All players that will go to the venue will get a raffle entry.
  • 1 account is equivalent to 1 raffle entry.
  • Once called, you must go to the facilitator to get your prize. It will be forfeited if you are not at the venue.
  • Raffle rewards:
    • Audition Next Level Keycap
    • Audition Next Level Eat – Sleep – Dance – Repeat T-Shirt
    • Audition Next Level Bunny Hoodie


Simply load your NCGC EZLink account on a single receipt at NCGC Obrero Branch to receive rewards!

Validity: March 19, 2021 12 AM – 11:59 PM (GMT +8)

Package List

How to avail:

  1. Load at least Php100.
  2. Like NCGC Facebook Pages. (https://www.facebook.com/ncgcesports, https://www.facebook.com/ncgcobrero/)
  3. Simple provide your account details to NCGC Obrero Branch.

**Strictly only for the players residing in Davao and neighboring towns, level 5 and above.

Happy Dancing!

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Hey Audistas!

ANL Nook is waving 🐾 and for you, we got a special something! ✨

Be the cutest dance floor resident with the Kawaii Dreamy Bundle~ 💙🌸

Eligibility: All ANL Accounts

Duration: 6th March 2022 00:00 – 10th March 2022 23:59 (GMT +8)

General Mechanics:

  • A total amount of purchase and gift in the item mall, couple garden, and mascot salon will be counted during the event.
  • All rewards will be inserted manually within 14 working days after the event duration.
  • Discount coupons are counted. 10%, 20%, and 30% discount coupons (e.g., Original Price: 21,000 – Discounted Price using 10% Discount Coupon: 18,900. 18,900 will add to your total spend.)
  • Purchases that are done by Magic Lamp, 7 Days Exchange Coupon, and 30 Days Exchange Coupon are not counted.
  • Please be reminded of the Game Policy, which was stated that “Users are prohibited from advertising the intent to or commit the act of buying, trading, selling, sharing or transferring access of accounts, in-game cash or any other game-related feature to another Audition Next Level account or player through transactions involving the use of real money.”
  • This promotion is subject to change without prior notice.

Shop in any of the item categories below:

  • Shopping Mall – Face, Hair, Upper Garment, Lower Garment, Shoes, Set, Item, Pet, Motion, Hardware, Emoticon, Accessory, Mark, Musical Instruments, Black Label
  • Couple Shop – Hair, Upper Garment, Lower Garment, Shoes, Set, Pet, Accessory, Mark, Ring, Couple Certificate, Couple Item, Couple Room
  • Couple Garden – Seeds, Accessory, Management/Care Items, Items
  • Mascot Salon – Mascot, Hair, Upper Garment, Undergarment, Shoes, Set, Accessory, Item
    • All features that are not included here are not included in the spending promo.


  • The reward do not require the character to have a couple in able to wear.
  • Face not included.
  • Item Categories:
    • Female/Male
      • Hand Accessory
      • Set
30,000 – 49,999 in-game cash spend30 Days Angel Wings Smartphone + 30 Days Dreamy Apron Set
50,000 – 79,999 in-game cash spendIndefinite Angel Wings Smartphone + 90 Days Dreamy Apron Set
80,000 – above in-game cash spendIndefinite Angel Wings Smartphone + Indefinite Dreamy Apron Set

Happy Dancing!

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The sky is the limit; it’s just a matter of whether you want to reach for it. ☁️ But this February Prima Audistas indeed reaches the sky! ✨🎊

Congratulations to the following

Top 16

  1. buyihan
  2. Xaivier
  3. Goyang
  4. Mynn
  5. Dakila
  6. Myne
  7. Cheongsan
  8. Amity
  9. xecy
  10. April
  11. apple
  12. Au
  13. Agitate
  14. biae
  15. xREI
  16. CLEA~

Tier 5

buyihan, Xaivier, Goyang, Mynn, Dakila, Myne, Cheongsan, Amity, xecy, April

Tier 4

No eligible accounts

Tier 3

apple, Au

Tier 2

Agitate, biae, xREI, CLEA~

Tier 1

Zyrish, Cml, daddi, jongbae, Aoin, Amberbaby7, Arr, almira, orie, JYN, ~Martini, Kirakira, Ayres, Kanasama, karrot, xye, Cesca, drank, julibae, CYN, todo, Introvert, Lair, Keke, Ioane, Amika, Mryl, Jorie, Schafer, Aoie, safa, dion, koa, helmy, Pomegranate, Kierro, Himeka, paige, Rin, Camembert, ciex, Kenzie, Leir, Uhhuh, jeunly, Kyxz, Jewls, Izana, Brilliant, Alcapone, Melly, sane, Prue, Mckenzie, Kairra, soyeon, ziel, Keel, Zappypa, Hajira, Zyaria, Aoez, noi, ~Luca, ror, beer, Kamisama, daisoh, Ash~, enn, Yitian, Holic, doink, AhMoi, RuiRui, Sutil, SKI, Holiday, krayden, Mabalacat, Danni, koxu, Lewls, SumpakSharm, SantaMaria, LULU, AhBoi, rl, 98, kah, Redlabel, Macabebe, SantaMonica, Kytty, Anais, revo


  • All rewards will be inserted manually within 14 working days.
  • Top Spenders/Prima Audistas may request to transfer their marks if they already got all the marks to their main account with Indefinite duration. The other account must be named after the owner.
  • They can also request for change of marks lower than they got for this month if they already got the indefinite duration of the mark.
  • Only the Indefinite duration marks/icons are transferable.
  • Avatar items are not transferable.
  • You may file on E-Support for mark transfer request.

Thank you for supporting Audition Next Level Community!

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Hi Audistas,

Meet our ANL’s Crush Ng Bayan for the month of February, 387!

What to know more? Check out the details below:


“Please introduce yourself.”

Hi! I’m Joven, but most of my friends call me Dup. Been playing audition since 2006. Grew up in Antipolo, 27 years old. I love playing online games, Audition is my childhood game, that’s why even I’m already working. Audition is life pa din. Hehe! I like going out and making friends with random people. And I like taking pictures and making short clips. Follow me on my IG account @whobeann

“Where did you know ANL?”

Since 2006 i’ve been playing Audition. I saw it from a poster. And played that game till college days. Pero ayun nung nag work nako, nawala ako sa game. And alam ko nawala na yung game. But i saw ANL from a friend who shared a screenshot of his game on facebook. So ayun, i looked for ANL and installed it. Sadly di ko na migrate yung account ko from PH to ANL. Pero okay lang. Sino ba naman ako para makapag migrate ng account? Haha

What do you like in ANL?

I like ANL, kasi dito ko nakilala most of my friends who became my 2nd family. And I do like listening to music. Kaya ayun if makita ninyo ako ingame? For sure AFK ako nyan. Hahahah

“Which game mode do you usually play?”

s8 C8 Beatrush and BU peroooo still noob hehe :<

“Tell us your likes and dislikes.”

I like tea! If makita nyoko libre nyoko tea hehe. Dogs!!!!!! I love dogs! Hangging out with friends! And what i dislike siguro yung tahimik? Hahaha pang walwalan ata kasi personality ko.

“Are you single?”


“Where can we follow you?”

Instagram: @whobeann

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Let’s congratulate the Couple of the Month on this February, Hagnaya and Hondagua! Check out their kilig love story below:

“How long have you been playing ANL as a couple?”

17 months

“Tell us your LOVE Story”

*Walang nakakakilala sa amin gaano kasi hindi naman kami famous. 😅 So eto na nga, nagkakilala kami sa Audi noong 2020 lang. Nagbalik audi ako kasi nagkaroon ng pandemic, so tigil lahat, pati trabaho kasi nga naglockdown. That year din siya nagbalik sa paglalaro. Masyado pa akong friendly that time maglaro, kahit first time ko makalaro kinakausap ko HAHAHA. So ayun nga etong si Kuya niyo tahimik, kasama niya mga ka-fam niya. Naalala ko binilin siya sakin ng kasama niya kasi aalis at wala na siyang makakalaro, edi ako naman si Ms. Friendly laro laro kami 😂😂😂 That time may couple ako. Naging mag friends kami na tipong kapag nagla-log in ako sa audi parang inaabangan ko siya kung mag oonline ba siya. 😂 Kahit magkaiba kaming room nagkaka-pm kami, hanggang sa lumalim na yung friendship tapos parang may something na. Hahaha 😂 That time may in-game couple ako, humantong pa sa point na gumawa ako ng 2nd account para maging mag-couple kami. Pero syempre ayun nga, dahil mas matimbang siya dahil mas madalas ko siya naging kalaro inisplit ko yung ring namin nung previous couple ko. Tapos nag-couple kami sa main account. 🤍 Syempre may nagalit (Nakasakit ng iba si Atwi niyo) 😅 Yung relasyon namin hindi na lang siya basta in-game na lang. So naging kami din in real, afraid pa ako kasi magmi-meet up, baka kako kapag nakita ako ni Kuya niyo e bigla akong i-ghost (sobrang nilalait ko kasi sarili ko) HAHAHA. Pero ayun, buti naman at hindi. Galing kami pareho sa mahabang past relationship. Ako 10 years, ganon din siya sa past relationship niya. Pero relate ako dun sa sinasabi ng iba na wala sa haba ng pinagsamahan niyo ng past niyo kung magiging kayo ba talaga hanggang dulo. Yung ibang story namin is kakaiba. Pero hindi ko na ikukwento kasi napakapersonal na non. Pero simula nung nagkakilala kami madaming nangyari, madaming pagsubok, madaming may ayaw, madaming tumutol. Kahit ganunpaman, inilaban ko, inilaban niya din ako. Hanggang ngayon lumalaban pa din kami sa mga pagsubok. Hanggang ngayon kami pa din. Thankful din ako kasi napakabuti ng Kuya niyo, napagtyatyagaan niya ang kaartehan at pagiging iyakin ko. Sa kanya ko naramdaman yung “worth” na hindi ko naramdaman noon. Lalong lalo na nung nagkaroon kami ng anak. Sa ngayon pareho kaming naga-adjust kasi firsttime parents kami. 🤍 Parehas namin pinangarap na magkaroon ng baby, at ayun na nga at natupad. To my Hanii, I love you. Alam kong nakakabwisit ako palagi, pero okay lang yan kasi sino pa ba bubwisitin ko kundi ikaw lang naman. Sorry kung minsan nape-pressure ka sakin, sa mga talak ko. Salamat sa pag aalaga samin ni baby. Wag ka magsawa. Mahal na mahal kita. 😘😘 Your mermaid na hamster, Numy

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