Hey Audistas!

She was a persona non grata to many, known for her mania for creating havoc. People stayed away when they saw her approaching. Now, she is friendly and easy-to-talk to! Her change in demeanor was widely noticed by the community.

In addition, like the alpha of a pack, she leads her friends to participate in ANL community events. Over the years, through her attendance for the on-site events, we knew for sure that she would cross the SEA and bring her support to the Next Level.

Who is she and what has she done with the real Joyi Wong? Let’s find out.

Player Profile

Full Name: Joyi Wong

Occupation: Reseller

Age: 27

Birthday: 4th April 1993

Hobbies: Watching Korean dramas

Game Profile

Current IGN: Jorie

Level: 99

Position in FAM: Junior Master

Favourite Modes: Crazy Mode, Beat Rush

<At the count of 3, the Moderators pointed at Spock. Spock laughs as he struts up to Joyi.>

Spock: Boo! Congratulations on being nominated Audista of the Month!

Joyi: ;woot x1926434759. OMG! Wah.

Spock: Let’s have a chat! I believe people including my own Mod team would like to find out more about you.

Joyi: Ehhh… I scared I donno what to say.

<Spock throws a side glance at the Mod team beaming back at him.>

Spock: No worries, just go with the flow. ;make. I know you’ve played Audition for a super long time. When did you start playing?

Joyi: Since the day AuditionSEA started, in 2006.

Spock: How did you get started on it?

Joyi: Started as a casual player, trying out the game in a cybercafe called PC Bunk, and someone approached me to join her guild (DD). Since then I started patronizing PC Bunk frequently and eventually played Audition till today.

Spock: You know, the community has noticed that from being super toxic, you’ve become pretty chilled and peaceful. What made you stop being toxic? HAHAHA.

Joyi: I would probably say growing up and maturing, and getting bored of what I did the last few years is probably the reason. I used to start off being really toxic with other Audition players. There were incidents that my friends and I started in the game and ended up fighting in real life when we were still young.

Spock: Yeahhh that I heard.

Joyi: Gradually that became just in game scolding. At this point I think I’m “old” already. Even pressing the keys has started to be a problem at times. I don’t think I have the energy to even scold people or start a dispute with them anymore…

<Hyunette chuckles from the sideline as she relates to feeling old.>

Spock: Do you think ANL harsh rules played a part? ;hoho

Joyi: Partly yes. It used to be a 7 days ban in AuditionSEA, but it’s a 30 days ban in ANL. The penalties are scary now. We can even get IP or PC banned for this. No way I’m going to risk having to buy a new com.

Spock: Ha, I see. It’s been a long journey with this game. We’ve seen you participating in many on-site tournaments. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for taking part in those that I organised too.

Joyi: You’re welcome ;make.

Spock: Since you said you’re getting old and even pressing the keys is a problem sometimes, why do you still join those events even though there’s a high chance that you won’t win? Most players are super pro.

Joyi: I feel that it’s not about winning at the event or not. It’s about the thrill. The feeling is different when you play at home, and when you play it on the event ground. If I win, that’s great. If not, the experience is just as memorable. I enjoy cheering for my friends as I watch them advance to the next round too. Winning or not doesn’t matter. It’s the fun that I cherish.

Spock: What is one  thing you would like to see in Audition Next Level?

Joyi: Hopefully, more real life events so I can perform better from experience. And be there with my friends too.

Spock: Okay! And before I rejoin my team over there, any special message to anyone?

Joyi: I hope PIERCE can chain again as he used to, and I hope my boyfriend Jenson can win me some day, it’s getting boring to win him (hehe).

Spock: LOL. ;make Oke thank you for your time. Stay chill and congrats on being Audista of the Month!

<Spock rejoins the Mod team as they rejoice at his successful interview.>