Hi Audistas~!


Check out all the amazing goodies waiting for you in our Patch 0106!

I. Game Updates

  • New Songs (*Some songs are now hidden.*)
  • New Avatar Items featuring SPECIAL ITEMS
  • New Guitar
  • New Hand Accessory
  • New Marks
  • New Couple Ring


  • New Animated Love License


  • New DJ

  • Couple Garden Rating System 


II. Bugs

  • Game Developers are still checking the Sailor Cool DJ Error and DC Issue on some Early Bird Awardees(March 4,2018) on Upper Garment.


III. Events


  • Black Battle


IV. Event Rewards

  • KCDF 2018 event rewards will be inserted within 30 days after the event.
  • PPAS 2018 Gensan Leg EB and DP will be inserted on or before May 18, 2018.